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IMG_0849-30I am so excited to welcome you to uGlow Organics LLC. It has been my life’s passion to create a business that fulfills me and uGlow Organics is a dream come true.

I have been using organic skincare products for quite some time, but I never was able to find a website where I could find all my favorite brands under one roof. The closest website I found to what I was looking for only carried one or two brands, so it was disappointing and frustrating at the same time.

I was in a place in my life where I could finally take a chance and create a business I was proud of and passionate about, so I decided to create a one stop shop for organic products.

A lot of the “organic” skincare out there still contains harmful chemicals, so I became very good at reading labels. The vendors that we’re privileged enough to carry are all products that I personally use and absolutely love. Brands that have only the highest quality ingredients, ethics and are effective at the same time. There is a product for every skin type and budget, so there is something for absolutely everyone!

The sky is the limit.We have big plans for uGlow Organics and are hoping you guys stick around for the ride! I’m excited to read your reviews on your favorite products and any suggestions on what new brands we should carry. Now let’s shop!!

Mariana Gallego Goeta

Co-Founder & CEO

uGlow Organics LLC

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