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sunumbra sport is a natural sunscreen containing organic ingredients that is specially formulated for the active outdoors person to ensure…

  • 5 Star rating (UVA)
  • SPF40+ (UVB)
  • Fully certified ISO/COLIPA for UVA & UVB
  • Water resistant 40 minutes
  • High protection Broad Spectrum

Also, sunumbra® sport

  • Is tested on humans only, not animals!
  • Can be used by anyone with dietary, environment or sensitive skin concerns

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sunumbra sport provides…

  • effective, photo stable, high level protection against both UVA and UVB radiation
  • protection from free radical damage and atmospheric toxins
  • active natural nutrients and antioxidants to help reverse the effects of radiation damage
  • that every ingredient offers a clear and direct benefit and is not merely included to ‘look good’

Plus, sunumbra sport…

  • blocks UVA exposure to reduce melanoma risk
  • maximizes UVB, without burning, to maximise vitamin D

Most sunscreens lack UVA protection, or sufficient levels of UVA protection. Many high SPF products protect against sunburn caused by UVB rays, but very few block the deep penetrating UVA rays enough, which cause skin ageing, immune system suppression and skin cancer.

sunumbra® sport is made exclusively from natural and organic ingredients. It is the unique combination of these ingredients that has enabled the total replacement of harmful chemicals found in most other sunscreens. These photo-protective and highly water resistant ingredients combine to provide powerful anti-radiation properties. This gives sunumbra sport its exceptional ability to protect against both UVA and UVB light at the highest level.

A study by the Environmental Working Group revealed that less than 20% of sunscreens were both ‘low hazard’ and ‘effective’. This was largely because the other 80% contained potentially harmful chemicals…

3.5fl oz.


  • Cape chestnut oil (Wild sourced)
  • de-ionized water
  • zinc oxide
  • galactoarabinan (Eco-certified organic)
  • cetearyl olivate sorbitan olivate (Eco-certified organic)
  • red raspberry seed oil (Eco-certified organic)
  • ocimum basilicum hairy root culture extract (100% Natural certification)
  • carnauba wax
  • nicotinamide (100% Natural certification)
  • magnesium chloride (100% Natural certification)
  • Aspen bark extract (populus tremuloides) (100% Natural certification)
  • silica (100% Natural certification)
  • tyrosine (100% Natural certification)
  • ascorbyl glucoside (100% Natural certification)
  • kigelia extract (Wild sourced)
  • aloe ferox extract (Wild sourced)
  • superoxide dismutase (SOD) (100% Natural certification)
  • allantoin

sunumbra® sport does not contain any of the following potentially harmful substances…

  • chemical sunscreen filters
  • parabens or harmful preservatives
  • colorants or added fragrance
  • titanium dioxide
  • mineral oils
  • animal derivatives
  • PEG emulsifiers


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